About us

Company Name: ONEWORLD.Co., Ltd.
Site Manager: Mr. Seiichi Kondo
Founded: May, 2015
Capital: JPY 9 million
Capital reserve: JPY 26 million
Head Office Location: 3F ICHIGO Shibakouen Bldg, 3-13-1 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0014
Contact: TEL:03-5444-8444, FAX:03-5444-8445
Business Segments: ●Information technology service ●E-commerce
service Home Page: http://www.oneworld-japan.com

Our Goal

Through extensive usage of big data information via cloud technology, we will be able to overcome multiple physical restrictions; hence we will also be able to solve issues related with IOT social infrastructure.

Our goal is to create new service which each society members care their social issues by themselves such as aging society, social welfare service by fully utilizing advantage of information-communication technologies.

Corporate Philosophy

Our Vision

We develop new social infrastructure and offer true wealth by expanding existing businesses through IT technologies.

Our Mission

We contribute to deal with social issues and support as many people as possible through IT technologies that ensure a high standard of satisfaction for life.

Through the combination of IT and existing businesses, we aim to develop new social infrastructure system that enable for people to get truly wealthy living.

Declaration (Passion of Founder)

We always have in mind that our company was established in order to fight against social problems by using IT technologies and make the world a better place.

Japan is facing aging society with one out of four people is over 65 old now.

Elderly people are facing variety of issues such as difficulty to go out because of diminishing physical strength and more challenging to sustain their standard of living insufficient pension fund.

Furthermore, there are more than 7 million people who are suffering daily life due to lack of proper access to shopping places primarily because nearby shopping arcades are shutting down due to decreasing population while elderly people cannot drive by themselves.

Given this situation, we would like to offer innovative service with new logistic system and change Japan’s shopping environment, hence it can lead to higher welfare of life.

The initially launched service which is called as “Touch mall” is an online shopping mall service that helps people with limited access to shopping places by offering new style of shopping experiences.

Now we are here to provide `Touch mall in Hong Kong` in order to deliver Japanese products at wholesale price. We believe that the launch of Touch mall brings you fun and fruitful shopping experiences in Hong Kong.